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Authentic Accents & Designs  L.L.C.

     W. Adrian Green / CEO & President

P.O. Box 323, Gambrills, Maryland 21054-0323

          (410) 695-2169 Email:

To: All interested


This information serves to acquaint you to a new percussion product called The Integrator. The product maintains the position of all the pedals in relation to themselves, the snare drum and the hi-hat. It is the only unit currently available to ensure consistent, permanent set up of the most essential instruments of the drum set. If one were to remove any one item from the plate, the other items still maintain their position.





Concept Statement:


Currently, there is no widely used method available to ensure the consistent setup of a drummer's kit with respect to the positioning of the pedals in relation to the snare drum. In addition, all drummers are more than familiar with the phenomenon of "pedal creep" during a performance requiring the drummer to constantly re-adjust the drum kit while performing. Although products that minimize pedal movement have appeared on the market, they are often rendered ineffective depending upon the aggressiveness of the performer. This product design/invention, named The Integrator", completely solves these problems.


Over the years, much attention has been paid to providing drummers with "memory systems" that provide consistent positioning of various elements of the drum kit; however, the relative positioning of the fundamental elements of the drum kit has been overlooked. All drum set players use the snare drum, bass drum and hi-hats (pedals) no matter what genre of music they may be playing. With that in mind, the "The Integrator" promises to become indispensable to the drummer/percussionist and allows the player something never before possible. With "The Integrator", the relative position of each instrument or pedal is maintained with a memory for exact configuration every time the components are set up. Thus, the product integrates the fundamental components of the drum kit, making the drum kit a truly consistent unit.


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