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Here is my  interesting little invention:
I used all of the parts below to create a hi-hat mounted snare drum.
  1.  I postioned the hi-hat stand as close as i could get it to the Drum rack (ICON DR-500).
  2.  I attached a pc-50 clamp to the rack with a tom arm sticking out of it. long end pointing to the ground.
  3.  Next I attached one cannon or ax-20 clamp to the hi-hat stand and the tom arm. (that hi-    hat stand isn't going anywhere!)
  4. I attached the 2nd  cannon or ax-20 clamp to the hi-hat stand below the first one.    I put the 2nd tom arm in the the other end.
  5. I put an ISS mount onto my snare drum. (note- iss mounts come separate from the  bt-3. Hence I put that on the iss mount.
  6. Finally i put the snare drum onto the open tom arm.

ISS mount


BT-3 tom mount


PC-50 Icon rack clamp


I used Cannon clamps just like these(these are ax-20)


2 long tom arms