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DrummerMom's Drum Set Basics Video

This video starts from the very beginning, about learning to play a drum set. How many basic videos have you watched and said "I wish they would slow that down so I can see how to do that!" That's what you get here! I break it down so that it is crystal clear. You don't need a drum set to learn to play drums. It is more fun though.
  1. Counting Outloud.
  2. Getting Your Feet Going (Bass and Hi-Hat)
  3. Adding the Snare Drum. (left hand)
  4. Adding the Hi-Hat(right hand)
  5. Hi-Hat variations
  6. Adding simple drum fills
  7. Bass Drum Variations (single pedal in this video)

$10 plus (S&H $6 includes packaging costs)
To order send your name, mailing address
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I except check or money order only. Checks take 10 days to clear.