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Female Drummers


Miss Brown is the drummer for LavaBaby.

Drums - Sonor S-class
favorite sticks? Vic Firth. And believe it or not, they're Classic Metal sticks
Who are your favorite drummers and what do you like best about them? 
One of my favorite drummers is Keith Moon.


G plays for Sympathetic Magic in New York.
How long playing: Let's just say it's over 10 years-started when
I was 8 yrs. old
- equipment: Pearl export 9 piece, I scale it down to 5 pieces for gigs.  Gretch 5 piece.  Pearl cymbal stands, DW double Pedal, Iron Cobra double pedal, Zildjian cymbals, Pro-mark drumsticks - size 2B, and you gotta wear the chuck taylor converse sneaks to play in!!


Angel is the drummer for Ded Level.
Click on the photo to check out the band's site.
Gear specs coming soon!

More to Come!

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