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Jessica's Kit

I am also a female drummer thats playing a Pearl Forum. My kit is quite a bit different from when
 I purchased it in 2001. It has been recovered in white marine pearl,(which I did myself),
 pearl opti-mounts have been added, Remo pinstripe heads, alot of the hardware has been upgraded as well.
I had a Gibraltar rack briefly but found it to be a liitle flimsy and cumbersome to move all the time. I just play locally.

Pearl Forum 5 piece
(white marine pearl)
22" Bass
16" Floor Tom
12" Tom
13" Tom
14x5.5" Mapex Black Panther
Steel snare
 Zildjian A customs.
  8" splash
10" splash
14" A custom hi hats
16" crash
17" crash
20" ping ride
Pearl eliminator 2002 pedal
Pearl eliminator hi hat stand
mounted floor tom from an optimount


I got my recover material from Precision Drum they are really
 great people to deal with. The guys name was Gary.
Tell him I reffered you.